An Easy Divorce

Easy Divorce

Adult relationships are hard for everyone involved, but at its worst- divorce can be an emotional Armageddon, and untreated will lead to additional charges accustomed with that separation. The financial drag that follows a divorce is never practical, thus adding more distress on the matters at hand. When it comes to the attorney’s role, they Read More >>

Black History Month 2018 “Times of War”

Times of War

As February 2018 ends, we look back on times of war, primarily the “African Americans in Times of War” as we mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I and honor the black heroes that played a part in that warfare. Black History Month is an annual celebration during the month of Read More >>

Presidential Impact

Impacts by Presidents

Reflecting on this past week and the presidential holiday on Monday the 19th, Lawyers Help Lawyers is proud to present our list of the 44 out of 45 presidents and their significant changes in law, or within the legal confines of the United States throughout each of their presidency: 1. George Washington Copyright act of Read More >>

Surviving Law School Tips

Surving Law School

Oh, the chaos! Or just another week of law school, and wow, it is challenging. Unlike your undergraduate experience, most new students will be wondering around the early year with many more questions than answers. At Lawyers Help Lawyers, not only do we provide resources for legal professionals and students to thrive and go about Read More >>

Biggest Challenge for Legal Professionals

Challenges in 2018

A month into the new year and already facing challenges huh? Well, if it makes you feel any better every year law firms face brand new, or sometimes even reoccurring challenges. In 2018, the team at Lawyers Help Lawyers want you to be ahead of the curve now and in the future. Many of the challenges that legal professionals face relates to money Read More >>

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