The Purge: Vote

SCOTUS Voter Law

Earlier this week, SCOTUS upheld yet another controversial law, following the recent Arbitration Agreements bit; however, this time it’s personal. When one thinks of a “purge”, one could direct their thoughts to moments at a buffet or those B movie slashers with cheaper looking sequels. But when you hear about the Ohio Voter Purge Law, Read More >>


Attorney Docs Launchq

IT’S UP, UP, UP ONLINE From the team of Lawyers Help Lawyers we apologize, But we needed a change. Our newest compromise has now taken the green light and is ready to enhance your legal experience. We present to you- Attorney Docs. Attorney Docs is an online marketplace for legal professionals to buy and sell Read More >>

An Attorney’s Story

New Story and Launch

Attorney Docs is a revolutionary-eCommerce website for attorneys, and the brainchild of Leonard A. Martinez, Esq. After 20 years in practice, Leonard found himself facing a problem that nearly every other attorney, judge, clerk or law professor faces: stacks of old legal documents, stored away and gathering dust. However, Leonard had an idea: what if Read More >>

Arbitration Agreements


This day and age, there are plethora of important legal cases pertaining to our everyday lives, but last Monday, the Supreme Court ruled on the biggest business case of the term; that of which enables employers to block employees from banding together to fight legal disputes in employment arbitration agreements. The case: Epic Systems Corp. Read More >>


No more LSAT

Do you like exams? Well if you want to be a lawyer there was one exam that mattered, and that used to be the LSAT. Today the American Bar Association is one step closer to eliminating the entrance exam requirement for law school admissions, that of which mandated the schools to use a standardized test. Read More >>

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